Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sigmund Freud (by Juna)

Sigmund Freud’s name is one of the most widely known in the psychiatrical medicine and will remain the name of the one of the greatest contributors to the Human Psychology.
Even before becoming aware of Freud’s works, rumors of his psychological theories overwhelmed me in a young age, persuading me to be willing to follow his steps and try to study neurophysiology.
Sigmund Freud, born May 6th 1856, was a Jewish-Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist who co-founded the psychiatric school of psychology together with Dr. Brown.
Freud is best known for his theories of the unconscious mind, his redefinition of sexual desire, his therapeutic techniques and his long-lasting impact on literary, philosophical and psychological fields. What is more fascinating, Freud could combine every single possible subject with the so-called “unconscious defense mechanism”, which represents a huge gap in human mind discovery.
Generally, despite the fact that Freud’s theories and his treatments of patients were controversial during the 19th century and still remain heftily debated today, the “father of psychoanalysis” and his work has been highly influential on modern psychology and scholar thought.
Finally, in my personal opinion, Sigmund Freud is one of the greatest, most fascinating figures in history.
His achievements in all those different fields, not only represent great progress in medical and psychological science, but also establish a basic image of us, of our inner world, as human beings.
He offered us a proper picture of our inner side and helped us see who and what we are.


Anonymous said...

Καλημέραααααααα! Πάω να διαβάσω τα μπλοκ και επανέρχομαι


Anonymous said...

Αν πω ότι έχω διαβάσει πολύ φρόυντ θα πω ψέματα. Μόνο το βιβλίο του περί ονείρων διάβασα και αυτό πριν κάτι χρόνια... Ίσως ξαναπιάσω κάποια στιγμή.


Anonymous said...

Θα την ξαναβάλω μετά το διαγωνισμό, μη λένε ότι προσπαθώ να κερδίσω ψήφους έτσι, χεχεχε...

Lily said...

Λοιπόν Ντόρα, εγώ τον έχω ξεπεράσει τον κύριο. Δεν κάνει για μας πια. Σε κολλάει με το να ψάχνεις το γιατί του παρελθόντος και άκρη να μην βρίσκεις, ενώ η ευτυχία βρίσκεται μπρός μας στο εδώ και τώρα και στη δράση. Κοινώς ο κόσμος θέλει άμεσες λύσεις στα προβλήματα του!!!