Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Art of Cheating

Note: This was written for fun only! By no means should it be considered as a guide to cheat.

I was having a lesson with one of my students the other day and she had to write a composition about how to prevent cheating in schools, which she found a bit boring, as she had written many similar compositions in the past. So we decided to do the opposite for a change.

I mention again that it is meant for fun!!!

My student didn't want me to publish her name!

More and more students think about cheating in exams. Many students don’t know how to cheat, so the teachers catch them!!!
Cheating is not easy. The question is: What can be done?
Should cheating be taught in schools?

Here are four different ways of cheating.

1. Copy all the information you need on an exam paper and in the perfect moment put the paper under your real exam paper. Overwrite everything in pen and… you’re ready! Give your exam paper to the teacher and go out like nothing has happened!
2. Type all the information you need on the computer and shrink it to “5”, then print it. You only have to find a good hiding place, so the teacher can’t see it and you can take a look whenever you need.
3. Talk with your partner, but in exams you usually sit alone so it’s not a good possibility to cheat!
4. Take your book out on your lap and copy from there!

In conclusion, there are a lot of ways of cheating but only on condition that your invigilator is not paying attention (I wish!!!)
So, think it over and go study a bit!


Mitsos said...

Xixixi! Gia mena auto to thema einai polu epikairo! Eimai se eksetastiki blepeis! Opote oso na nai klebo kai go oso mporo, bazo ta dunata mou. Pote den mporesa omos kai den mporo na bgalo skonaki se xarti, panta grafo h sto thranio noritera h sto xeri mou h bgazo biblio alla fobamai na bgalo skonaki se xarti, afou oses fores exo kanei tetoio skonaki menei sthn tsepi! :D

Anonymous said...

Έχω γίνει εξπέρ στην αντιγραφή... το μυαλό πολλά μηχανεύεται αν δε γουστάρει να διαβάσει. Σε στυλό μπικ χαράζαμε, στο χέρι με κόκκινο στυλό για να μη φαίνεται, στο μπούτι και φορούσαμε σορτσάκια και τα σηκώναμε, σε χαρτομάντηλα (το πάνω πάνω πάντα άσπρο) και σμικρύνσεις όπως έγραψες... χαχα.. αχ τα μαθητικά τα χρόνια!!

Υ.Γ Ελπίζω να μη το διαβάζουν οι μαθητές σου το μπλοκ και τους δίνω ιδέες λολ


Lily said...

Ήδη το διάβασε μια μαθήτρια εδώ και γελάνε και τα μουστάκια της! Ενθουσιάστηκε το κοριτσάκι μου!