Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My student Athena

One of the great kids I've been teaching through the years is Athena.
We started having lessons at the language school I used to work about 5- 6 years ago and from the very beginning she made the difference. A hard worker and a wonderful character. She is very spontaneous and I just love the way she expresses what she is feeling!
Athena has successfully passed the Zertifikat and the Mittelstufe exam in German, as well as the Cambridge and Michigan Proficiency exam in English.
This year she took the Entrance University exams - tomorrow is her last subject (German). She wants to study English or German Literature.
I want to wish you good luck with your results and hopefully I will be able to call you "My collegue" real soon!


Anonymous said...

What a pity Athena is so camera shy! But I love how she painted her nails black! :-D That look so cool!
Congratulations on doing such a terrific job, Theo san.. it's students like Atena that makes all those long hours worth while, uh! I can see how proud you are of her, I would be too.
Good luck to her in all her future undertakings.

Have a good day @};-


Alexandros^ said...

Zertifikat / Mittelstufe then Cambridge and Michigan Proficiency exam in English!!! Maybe we aks too much of our children? But again there are some students that simply LOVE their studies. Best wishes for Athena!

ioanna said...

Telika exeis megalh adynamia sthn Athina... kalh ths epityxia loipon.... filakia polla Dwra mou kai perimenw ton kafe.....

Anonymous said...

Φτου φτου το κοριτσάκι! Να την χαίρεσαι Θεοδώρα μου. Καλή μαθήτρια, αλλά είχε και καλή δασκάλα ε?

Πώς είσαι σήμερα? Εγώ χάλια... δε μπορώ τη ζέστη με τίποτα. Αφού έρχομαι στο γραφείο και είμαι γλάστρα, δε κάνω τίποτα. Έχω λαλήσει, χαχα



Alitisa said...

Rock on, Athena!

Anonymous said...

athena speaking: frau dora seems to have lifted me too high.. without teachers like you all these would have been impossible for me and for all the million students like me!thank you very very much for all the wishes and good things you said...and if I ever teach I wish I could be as much a good teacher as you...!by the way ..the test was ridiculously easy indeed..:)

DIMITRISS32 said...

nai alla den kserei na odhgaei kala......