Thursday, June 21, 2007

Our trip to Berlin (By Christina)

From June 1st till June 8th the 11th class of the German School Thessaloniki went to Berlin as the last school trip of the year.

It was a funny and also an interesting trip, we saw a lot of sights and we had the chance to find out many things on our oun. We got quizzes about Berlin and in groups of five we had a limited time to find more information about the places.
We visited places like the “Brandenburger Tor”, the Pergamon and the Jude Museum.

In our free tine we went shopping and ate in new restaurants. Our teacher often wanted to eat Indian and Chinese food, but this food wasn’t of our taste.
We didn’t see much of the night life because we had a curfew (3am on Saturday and Wednesday and on the other days midnight).

We had a lot of fun with our teachers and we met a lot of new people.
I liked the trip very much but it was a bit too short!

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Lily said...

Πολύ ωραιά η εκδρομή σας ρε παιδιά. Μακάρι να είμουν και εγώ εκεί! Να χαρείτε τώρα, η καλύτερη σας εποχή είναι!