Friday, March 4, 2022

Teacher Diary: Week collection

 Here I am with some more activities from this week.

Working on the coursebooks was our main activity, but I always try to include some more games / ideas to make it more interesting.

  • A very favourite activity when I teach body parts is picture dictation backwards. This means that the students write the word on a blank piece of paper where the body part would be if they drew it. So for example the word toe goes at the bottom edges of the paper.  When we have mentioned all the words we make an outline and we create a monster. Students LOVE it.

  • Another activity that my students loved this week is find (hidden) objects game. We used the app from Super course (the publisher of the books we use), but you can find numerous free games (prented and online), I am posting a link from islcollective where you can find a lot of activities and exercises. 
  • Grammar of the week was gerunds and infinnitives. So I decided to work with songs. Here is a compilation with songs you can use to teach this structure. 
  • Another idea is to use Lyrics Training to practise both grammar, vocabulary and listening comprehension

More ideas to come ... 

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