Sunday, February 20, 2022

Teacher diary : Weekend edition

It's been a long time since I've written over here, but I thought I'd start a new series of posts called "Teacher Diary", describing my preparations and reflecting on my lessons. 
1. 1st Lesson: A2-B1 Level. English. Adult. Focussing on grammar mostly. We have a book, but my student prefers to work alone and just check the answers with me. They don't like writing/speaking so much, although I try to. Today's lesson was grammar/ vocabulary revision on the phenomena we had worked on the previous lessons. Lot's of mistakes, I needed to explain everything again. Just how to make my student understand that they have to actually use the vocabulary and grammar in their own examples. 
For homework I have sent them some exercises I created on my own, but a great website I use and recommend is Perfect English Grammar.
2. Lesson: B1 Level German. Teenager. We use Beste Freunde - Hueber. We are also preparing for a B1 exam. Their website contains a variety of materials according to level and A1-2 have also got intaractive exercises. We also watch Jojo sucht das Glück in DW, which is a great "Telenovela" for German learners. With interactive exercises and Teacher's guidebook. Students love it!
3. Lesson 3: A1/2 Level. German. Teenager: My student is supposed to take the A1 exams in May, so we have started working on some tests with not much success, I'm afraid. Let's hope for the best!
4. Lesson 4 got cancelled due to sports competition.
5. Lesson 5: C2 Level. English. Teenager. Not much creativity here as well, since we are preparing for a C2 exam in May. Reading tasks, vocabulary exercises, grammar and lots of speaking
6. Lesson 6: A1 Level. English. Child. We use Our World -Cengage. Although it's an old book, its interactive material is still fantastic. Lots of videos, songs, interactive exercises and games. This is usually a face to face lesson, but we had to do it online due to covid. We used Skype which was a bad idea, since my student could not have control of the games and got a bit bored. We did a lot of talking and reading though. 
1. Lesson 1. A1 Junior English. Child. I had downloaded wonderful material on Day and Night activities. It contains lots of pictures, a maze, cutting and gluing, colouring and lots of speaking tasks. Unfortunately, my lesson got canceled, since the child did not want to cooperate at all. I know it's a Sunday morning and the young child wanted to sleep some more, or do ssomething else than studying, but they should have told me before I went over. Anyway, somemore free time to prepare my next lessons. 


2. Lesson 2: A2 Level, Greek, Adult. Todays lesson was about houses. I have downloaded some pictures of different kind of houses like the one in this picture and talked about then comparing them, practicing parts of the house, furniture and getting around in the neighborhood. Finally we read a diallogue about somebody renting their home and role-played a diallogue asking for information on the appartment that was supposed to be rented. 
I actually loved these pictures, especially the ones with the strange houses and I am going to use them as prompt for my German A2 lesson this week, along with description of places and people. 

No more lessons for today, but I still had to prepare for tomorrow for my medical student. (German B2/C1 level, Medical terminology). We have a book, but I also consult an online medical dictionary, which also has videos explaining medical prcedures in simple language. 

Well, this was more or less how my working weekend went. 
Tomorrow is another day 

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