Monday, July 12, 2021

#8weeksofsummer Week 5: What improved or challenged communication this year?


This post is week 5 of 8 in the #8WeeksofSummer Blog Challenge for educators.

1aa process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behaviorthe function of pheromones in insect communicationalso exchange of information
bpersonal rapporta lack of communication between old and young persons
2ainformation communicated information transmitted or conveyed
ba verbal or written messageThe captain received an important communication.
As I mentioned in my previous posts, this year has been totally different that we were used to. New way of teaching and new way of interacting, which was not necessarily bad. Before Covid, things were a bit simpler, since (in my case), I visited students at home to tutor, so I also interacted with their parents as well. Now, since a lot of parents didn't know how to use platforms and were not exactly as computer literate as their children, the effort from the tutor (or teacher has to be double. One way to go is by email, but you are never sure if they have actually read it. Best way is by telephone. I was able to contact everybody, most of the times, so communication was pretty successful.As far as the students are concerned, online video calls were as alike as being in the classroom. Comparing all this with the definition above, I don't believe that communication was lost this year. 
To be continued...

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Denise Krebs said...

Personal rapport? Check. Exchanging information with parents and students? Check. Conveying new information? Check!

Great post. It was effective and helpful to look at the definition. Even though communication has changed, you managed to continue to communicate. I like that you compensated for the easy-to-miss emails and used the telephone too. Brava!

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