Saturday, June 19, 2021

#8weeksofsummer Week 2 Peer collaboration

 This post is week 2 of 8 in the #8WeeksofSummer Blog Challenge for educators

This year has been very different for me since I was not working at a school. I started the year freelance and then found a job at a publisher, so I didn't have to get in touch with other teachers.

Remote working was a thing all winter long, but that was the easy part. I communicated with my boss and my colleagues through phone, messenger and emails. Dropbox and Google Drive were essential of course, but I have to admit that absolutely nothing changes either I work from home or from the office.

Getting back to my teaching colleagues, the only thing that has changed was the meet-ups and the conferences.

Everything is online. I have attended a lot of webinars and events, but to tell the truth it is not the same thing.

I mean, you still get the information and the knowledge and the new ideas, but connecting with people is not there. During a virtual convention, you cannot mingle, you cannot exchange opinions and knowledge and you cannot feel the "convention vibe".

But, I believe that everybody has tried to make the best of the situation.

A lot of things will change. Many of us will continue online work and communication, others will get to their old ways. 

Short post this time...

To be continued...



Denise Krebs said...

Theodora, thank you for this post. I hope you are satisfied with your new employment. It sounds interesting. Are you teaching as well as working at the publisher? I agree with you about virtual workshops and webinars. I miss so much chatted one-on-one and collaborating in person at Teach Meets and Edcamps and workshops. Even the webinar chat feature is most often disabled for speaking directly to other participants. It will be nice when we have the option to do either virtual or in-person.

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

I m afraid I have kept both jobs. This means 13-14 hour work days. I am quite happy with my job. It's sth I can do. Let's hope face to face meetups will be a thing from next year on! Stay safe!!

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