Monday, April 26, 2021

Learning Italian Week 6

6th and last week of the Italian course. I have learned a lot of basic structures and vocabulary, but still if I wat to learn the language, I have to study more vocabulary and get proper instruction. 

  • How to describe the place where you live. Click here to find some relevant vocabulary/
  • How to invite someone to do something, and how to respond to invitations (ti va una pizza, perche non andiamo a sentire un po'di musica?- Mi dispiace ma non bevo vino / perfecto)
  • How to discuss your reasons for studying something (per lavoro, perche mi piace , per viaggare)
  • The use of c’è (there is) and ci sono (there are) -->   c’è la cusina, ci sono due bagni, negative forms of verbs (non+verb, i.g. io non vado als cinema), 
  • Places to go out:

  • and the verbs dovere and volere.

Italian is a beautiful langauage.

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