Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Incorporate Summer PL Back into the Classroom

This post is week 6 of 8 in the 8 Weeks of Summer Blog Challenge for educators.

Some people believe that teachers sit around all summer long, preferably lying on a beach drinking cocktails. And this would be an incredible summer, but people keep forgetting that because we are teachers, we have to plan for the next year, get informed and even try to learn more things and develop professionally.
Summer is still young in Greece, we are in the middle of July and my lessons will start in the middle of September. And many of us take the time to read a bit more, attend a few seminars and courses, experiment a bit on new methods and projects.
So far I have attended a few seminars, webinars and conferences, but as I mentioned, summer is still young and there is still lots to do.
Here's a list of what I have attended so far:
1. OUP Webinars on:

  • Inclusive practices
  • Project based learning
  • Learning difficulties
  • How communicative Testing helps Learning
  • Mental Health
4. Hueber / Karabatos seminar on:
5. Klett conference:
6. National Geographic/ Cengage seminar on:
  • Teaching global citizens 
7. Burlington Books seminar on:
  • Humor in the classroom
  • Lively German lessons with children 
9.  Online courses with Future Learn:
  • Social Media 
  • Teaching English online
  • Italian for beginners
  • Spanish for beginners
I still have a few webinars to attend and the big book exhibitions here in Greece are held in the end of August / beginning of September, so there is still much to learn.

Knowledge is good, but only if you use it. So I intend to use most of the techniques I have learned in my classes, use more technology and games.
I want to organise more projects about "the world", with subjects like "understanding", "tolerance", "accepting" and "communication" with my students. Teaching languages is not only about the language itself but how this opens a new window to the world. 
Taking part in seminars about behaviours, learning difficulties and inclusion has made it easier for me to understand more things, to be more tolerant, have patience with "difficult" students and be more insistent  when I face difficulties. 
Finally, the social media and teaching online courses will possibly help me this year to build a new audience (and clientele) 

To be continued with a new challenge....

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