Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Guest teaching: activities with kids!!

Recently I have had the chance to work as a guest teacher at the language school of Ms Psarra in Thessaloniki!
It plays a significant role in my teaching life, not to be occupied with specific age or target groups. I like to be versatile and find new challenging ways to cope with all levels, ages and targets.
So this time I had to work with mixed-ability children aged 9-12 (in different classes).
Some of the activities we tried:

  • Introduction game with a ball: The person who has the ball states their name, age, hobbies (and whatever else they want to) - the next person talks about themselves and also mentions what the previous player said and so on!! Much fun with big classes!

  • Dictionary, Drawing dictation, drawing and describing things: Depending on the level, students  draw objects and their classmates guess what they are, teacher reads something (for example, describing a park) and the students draw what they hear or the students draw something (i.g. their room) and then describe it to their classmates.
  • Pantomime: Students try to show an object with their body and their classmates guess what it is!
  • Grammar Auction: Teacher "sells" sentences (correct and wrong ones). Students bid and buy the sentences. Winner is the person who has more correct sentences.
  • Video stories with Learn English Kids: Students watch the video, comment, they can use the activity worksheet or just describe what they saw or write about it depending on the level.

  • Lyrics training: Students try to guess words of a song. There are easier and more difficult options and the choice to choose from words or type them on your own. Great activity on the Interaction whiteboard. 
I would like to thank Ms Georgia Psarra for giving me the opportunity to work with her students.
More to come!

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