Sunday, January 7, 2018

The wild goose (chase? - in other words story about a bird)

Once upon a time there was a little wild goose. She was all alone in the world. She didn't belong to a flock. She flew wherever she wanted, she met a lot of other birds and animals on her way. Wherever she wanted, she stopped, she explored and shared her stories with the other animals.
Most of the animals were friendly with her and wanted to spend time with the goose. They liked her, because she had been to many places and she knew a lot of things. The goose was very happy to talk with them and help them, telling them her thoughts and her opinions based on her experience.
So, she flew and flew but life was really hard. the goose felt that she didn't have a home. It was really difficult for her to face all these dangers out there alone. Every day she had to find a new safe place to stay, food to survive and cover from predators.
Every day, instead of enjoying her freedom, she just thought of the uncertainty in her life and she was miserable. More and more every day.
Until one day, she landed on a farm. There were a lot of animals over there, cows, horses, dogs, cats and lots of chicken.
So, the rooster comes and says: Why don't you come and live with us at the hen house? You will be helping with the chores and we will provide with you a place to sleep and food to eat and protection from the wild animals.
The goose thought about it and decided to stay. She had found a purpose. She had found a home.
So, every morning, she helped with the chores at the hen house, she ate and drunk and had a place to sleep.
But the chickens didn't think she was worth enough to spend time with her. They talked only to other chickens and always gave her the difficult chores and were very competitive. They always said that she did things in the wrong way, no matter how hard she tried.
But the chickens had build their own groups and did not let her in. They talked behind her back and envied her.  They were really unhappy and wanted the goose to leave the hen house, although she tried and tried.
So one day, the rooster went for a walk with the goose and told her that although he liked her and her stories, she didn't actually help the chickens by staying at the hen house, so they decided that she had to leave.
The goose was very disappointed, because she thought that she had found a home, although she was very pressured and she tried and tried, in the end she didn't make any friends.
But she had no other choice.
She left the hen house and flew free. She flew wherever she wanted, trying to find food and shelter and take care of herself every single day.
And you know what? Although every day was uncertain, she enjoyed every single moment. Because she was free. She didn't have to have in mind what the others thought of her. She was what she was. Herself!
What can the wild goose do in the hen house? The answer is nothing. Because a wild goose is a wild goose and the chickens are chickens....

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