Sunday, November 6, 2016

This is Halloween, This is Halloween!!


Although Halloween is not a traditional Greek celebrations, it is one of my favourites.
I consider it my responsibility to make students aware of what's happening in the world, so especially this time of the year, I get really enthusiastic and try to do stuff with my students.
This year, we worked on the song "This is Halloween" by Marilyn Manson with Lyrics Training - there are different variations of listening comprehension, choice mode, write mode and different levels - many words missing or less depending on the level of the students. They all loved the video, so the next step was to show them a trailer of the movie "Nightmare before Christmas" - stopping the video and talking to the students about the story and Halloween town vs Christmas town.
Another film in this style would be Coraline, one of my absolutely favourites. 
This year, I have also used some activities from the Teaching English site about superstition and the learn English - British council site 
 Another wonderful lesson idea that thrilled my teenage students was Jamie Keddie's idea - a horror story with a pumpkin on the leading role!
With the little ones we drew Halloween booklets from activity village
and we also made pumpkin masks like this:
More inforamtion you will find over here:
Have fun!

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