Sunday, October 30, 2016

Keep on Teaching - Keep on Moving (Heraklion Project)

It was last March when I saw Christina again. Christina is a foreign language school owner in Crete, blogger, teacher and a wonderful friend.
We have met readng each other's blog.
Since then we have talked - joined projects together and commented on each other's blog millions of times! He have even met in the Athens conventions, had coffee and lots of fun!

It was Sunday afternoon, on our break in Athens - a roup of teachers including Christina and myself. "So why don't you guys come over to Crete and organize and at the school?" Christina asked. We all said yes of course, because, come on... Crete? friends? event? We guys are dying for stuff like that!
But the plan stayed a plan until one day I am calling Christina and say "You know what? I'm coming!"
So we planned activities, talked in Skype, exchanged messages on Facebook and the time came!
A lot of students participated from very young learners to A2 / B1 level.
All children participated with joy and helped each other.
Activities included:
1. ABC and chronoligical lines. Children lined up according to their names and then according to their age. We practised the ABC and numbers dates and months.

2. Pantomime
Students chose an adjective (small piece of paper with a word on it) from a small bucket and also a plastic animal miniature. For example "happy rhino" and they had to mime the animal and the mood.

3. Balloons with words
We hid small papers with letters in the balloons. Studenst had to run get the balloon , crush it, find the letters and form the word. This can also be done with expressions, idioms and phrases.

4. Running dictation
Kids ran to the texts, ran back and dictated as much as they could remember to the "writer" of the team.

5. Meditation

Our day ended with a bit of calming down. We practised meditation techniques and relaxed after an event full of movement.
All kids were given small chocolate treats and happily went home!!
A big thank you to Christina and her kids for inviting me and participating.
Until we meet again!

All pictures were taken by Christina Markoulaki and this is the original blogpost in Greek.


Unknown said...

Theodora, I really like the activities that you chose for the kids. It is always interesting to see how kids in different schools will react to your teaching style, isn't it. It certainly looks as if all of you were having fun and teaching and learning should be fun. Well done.

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

I loved every minute of it dear Alexandra! The kids did too! Let's do more visits to each other's class!

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