Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer Adventures 2016 Part 2

End of August and Sicily time came! I was expecting this since the beginning of the summer!!
So it was early June when Chuck skyped me
We are organizing EdYouFest in Palermo and you are coming to do the yoga session!
So I did!!
And I met all those wonderful people!
People I have been communicating for the past 3 years. People who have shared their dreams and challenges with me. People I know so well although we had never really met! People I didn't know but we become best friends!
An experience that will remain unforgettable.
No it was not a vacation. People from all over the world gathered in the small hostel in Sicily to learn together, to share experiences together, to understand that although we are different, we are the same.
Lots of interesting workshops with Steve Hirschhorn, Christina Rebuffet, Philip Pound, Julie Pratten, Alexandra Chistykakova, Barbara Bujtas and my personal hero Chuck Sandy.
Until we meet again!
Barbi, Sascha and myself on my first day in Sicily

Philip and Chuck

Sascha in deep thoughts. What is my life dream ?

Chuck and me - last night in Sicily

Now what?

Steve's workshop

Anne and me working on a new project

Roberta and me in Barbi's workshop

Barbi's workshop on the beach!

Oh yes we had yoga as well! I was the instructor!

First assignement before the workshops

Sandra, Ann and myself before pizza dinner


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