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Summer adventures 2016 Part 1

"Summer adventure" posts have become a tradition - they have started when I had all summer to be careless and free, but felt bad about myself doing nothing. To tell you the truth, in order to need a break, you must have done something to get you tired all through the year. And although, I had my hands full teaching during the winter, I can't say that I was exhausted.
Summers were a torture since I had absolutely nothing to do except from cleaning, cooking and watching TV. A real breakdown...
Blogging and different ELT movements / institutes like #30Goals and iTDi have changed my life and gave me a purpose to go on!
That's where the "summer adventure" posts come in.
Since then, a lot of things have changed personally and professionally and in today's post I will attempt to share what I have been doing this summer.


Since it is the summer, things are a bit slow in the office, most of my colleagues are on vacation, I took some time off myself (coming later in this post.)
Mostly creating content nowadays and planning next year's training and classes.
Working in an office is something completely different than teaching. First of all when you teach, you don't sit on a chair 8 hours long. You interact with adults and not with children, your work is mostly written, you have to follow rules and follow procedures.
I can't say that I have best buddies at work, I get along with most people, I have been out for a drink with some people,  and I do have fun at the office most of the time, but still it's work. I can't say that I have made friends at the schools I used to work either in the past, so maybe I'm the strange one, who knows?

Oh yes, I have not stopped teaching, although  not full time.
My summer students wanted to gain some time in the summer, since the one is going abroad to work and the other one wanted to earn some extra time now that she doesn't have too much work during the summer.
I have not been very creative, unfortunately, lack of motivation? exhaustion? I don't really know.
I managed to work on a poem by Maya Angelou, based on Kieran Donaghy's Film English lesson, which I find wonderful:

 I would also like to recommend some links in German, especially for those people who are considering moving to a German speaking country. Practice and listening to the language all the time is everything!
Deutsche Welle 
BBC - learn German


All year long I have been translating texts about training techniques, strength enhancement and rehabilitation. I still have some texts about resisted sled sprint training, but I haven't had the courage to start working on it yet. We will see...

This year I haven't had much time to actually present or watch a webinar or finish a course.
There are some wonderful courses on Future learn I would like to finish / start when I do find the time
  • Italian for beginners (I was supposed to start this because I am going to Sicily, but being exhausted, I just couldn't do anything. But I guess it's never too late!)
  • Spanish for beginners (this one is actually for revision, since I had reached B2 level years ago, but I never get to practise)
  • Outstanding physical education lessons ( I just love learning about the body and what is the best way to keep fit! Since mu translation niche has to do with P.E. and the human body, I thought it would be great to find out more and why not get a certificate?)
  • STEM teaching ( There is a whole programme with different courses actually. This would be a great help for my teaching / job at the office and would make a big difference if I know more.)
Health / mood / fitness:
All these years I have been struggling with light depression, sudden mood swings, times of being really emotional and lately faced sudden gain weight and generally feeling bad about myself. After a lot of medical exams that should have taken place at least a couple of years ago, I discovered that I have hypothyroidism and hashimoto. This is very common actually, a lot of people have this and get treatment for it and lead a normal life. But you have to know it. And somebody who is being treated for years might say that ok it's not a big deal and I shouldn't be worried or reacting like I am dying, but still, this was something big.
It gets to me that I struggle with my weight - people who know me, can understand how important it is to me to have normal weight and being fit.
The fact that I work 60 hours a day does not help either.
Since I have changed gyms, I haven't really had real motivation to go and train. At my old gym I really had fun, my trainers were my friends, we had a lot of laughs - I really did unwind when I was there.
Now, at the new although the trainers are very professional, there is no personal interaction whatsoever. I do respect the gym's policy and I do like some of their sessions, but still, something's missing. So instead of going to the after hours session like I used to in the past, I just stay in front of the TV eating potato chips.... Something has to change soon.
The only thing I do lately is yoga, at home or with friends. And the reason why I actually practise is the EdYOU Festival in Sicily this month (a new post about this when I get back home)

When summer is over I hope to organize myself better and devote sometime on myself... Until then I really don't know!


Managed to find some time to see my family. A mini-trip to the island of Alonissos. A wonderful place to be if you like the sea and the water. Fascinating pebble beaches, clear blue water - best thing to do is get a boat and go around the small islands.
Managed to see a seal!
photo not by me!
Managed to spend quality time with my son, who I normally get to see so little during the winter!
Strolling Old Town, Alonissos
 More about our vacation over here in my personal blog

All in all, my summer has been something like that...
The big adventure in Sicily is yet to come...

So there will be a Summer adventure post part 2 and hopefully 3 ( Lots of weddings I have heard!!! <3 p="">If you have managed to read the whole post, I thank you and I'd love to hear about your summer adventures!!


<3 p="">Take care my dears!

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