Saturday, April 2, 2016

TESOL Macedonia Thrace 23rd Convention: Bits and Pieces

March has ended and both TESOL Conventions in Greece left us with great memories...
This time I actually found the time to join the pre-convention dinner and meet (again) all these wonderful educators. It's so funny because we all know each other from our work and we do have an "internet" kind of connection / relation, so when we have the chance to get together, it's like we know each other for years, even if it's the first time we actually meet!

Some of the highlights:

Jamie Keddie with his stories kept our interest and gave us wonderful tips for our lessons.

Charles Goodger with his songs and wonderful workshop gave us lots of ideas on how to teach young children.
Penny Ur and her thoughts on teaching with or without coursebook. A real opportunity to meet her (I had the luck to take part on an iTDi course about course material and design earlier this year, so I just loved meeting her in person!)

Luke Prodromou and his team acting Shakespeare!
Talent night preparation with Margarita Kosior - although we didn't have the chance to dance that night!! Next time I guess...
Really unexpected appearances, I might add...

And us presenting... Thank you all for coming!!!
All in all it was a wonderful, colorful, exhausting experience that I would never change for the world!
Until we meet again!

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