Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Interview with Julie Pratten: Heart ELT #IATEFL2016

Julie Pratten is responsible for the creation of Heart ELT, which is basically a school created in a refugee camp in Iraq, helping refugee children learn English.
It started, when they tried to cover the basic needs of a school, trying to find space, teachers, paper and pens, so Julie tried to raise some money crowdfunding, asking in Facebook. The problem is that people are usually hesitant to give money, so Julie asked her PLN to help in a different way. She asked them to donate simple lesson plans for the creation of a photocopiable book with activities for all levels, young learners and teens, which will be sold to raise money for the refugee schools. The activities should be simple and sensitive for all cultures. The first book should be out by the end of April - beginning of May.
The children at the refugee camp don't have the chance to play, so when they go to school, they can hang out, draw, dance and sing.
The project aspires to have translations of teacher's notes in both Arabic and Kurdish and also create webinars for teachers who are going to teach there and later send teacher trainers to train local teachers and also mothers on how to teach the children.
I personally wish Julie and all the participants good luck in this wonderful project.

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