Sunday, October 4, 2015

EFL Talks - show mε who you are...

A wonderful proposal came to me last month - how about taking part in a webathlon?
What is actually a webathlon? A marathon on webtalks. 50 wonderful educators took part - we were supposed to talk 10 minutes each with ten slides, the whole events lasting for 10 hours!!
Naturally I got the challenge!
The only thing was that although I did prepare my slides, I did not actually have the time to rehearse... I know what I wanted to say, but I actually improvised. No text, no notes, no nothing!!!

My talk was about learning types and personalities.
The basic auditory, visual and kinesthetic types with some examples of activities, including CLIL (using physics, geography and PE with English and also STEAM) and the flipped classroom as well, giving ideas what to do and how to work with all learning types

Unfortunately, since I had not rehearsed, my ten minutes ended very quickly, before I was able to analyze STEAM and how it can be combined with ELT!
You can find info on all these wonderful presentations over here!

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