Sunday, September 13, 2015

#30Goals: Sketchnote it ... with a little humor!

These couple of goals have reminded me of a project I worked on with my classes some years ago!
I have always gathered my students work and I have always loved taking pictures of them.
I think I was the only teacher in the school who actually took pictures during the lessons and the breaks.
I just love it when my students are really relaxed, when they have fun learning and I want to keep these memories.
So what I did as the end of the school year was approaching...
I put a kind of a yearbook together, with all their pictures, projects, sketch-notes, some homework and drawings.
I printed it out, for every student I had in my classes (it was the same book for everyone, since most of the kids knew each other anyway) and had them write on each other's booklet.
The last day of this year was really fun, they were really excited with this, although it was not a big digital project.
The pictures of our visits to various exhibitions reminded us all the good times we had together.
And after years, they can still see how little they were and how much fun they had during our lessons.
Sketches of our visual dictation! (Lots of monsters I tell you!)
Their favourite athletes back then.
Sketch-noting about Germany
German words that are easily confused with Greek and a funny sketch about me (!!!)
Sometimes simplicity makes the difference.

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