Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Dolls - toys or role models?

I was just reading a text from an exam book with one of my B2 students about toys, the other day.
It was some kind of research on what kind of toys little children play and it seems that kindergarten- aged children love playing more with traditional toys like stuffed animals, wooden blocks and non mechanical cars than mechanical toys or computers, since they got bored of them easily.
My student started telling me how she loved stuffed animals and pony dolls and pet miniatures  and that she avoided dolls like barbies because they weren't real!
So the idea came for a speaking lesson plan. B2 level and upwards - I guess girls would love this one.

  • Ask the students with what they used to play when they were little kids.
  • Wha was their favourite toy and why.
  • Write all answers on the board.
  • Show them a picture of a doll (Barbie, Bratz, Wings etc.) and ask them to comment - do they like it? why? what don't they like?
     What would they like to change on her?
  • Watch the video about this woman who "transforms"  dolls into real - looking kids dolls.

  • Did they like the result? Why / Why not?
  • You can also use this commercial with real looking dolls.

  •  What impressed you from the kids' answers?
  • Why did they choose the new doll? 
  • What is the image that Barbie (or other fashion dolls) show to the public? Can you think other examples of showing the perfect image of woman to the world?
  • How are they kids influenced?
As homework you can ask students to write what they thought of this discussion and the videos they saw.

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