Sunday, October 25, 2015

Are you a hero?

hero noun (PERSON):

a ​person who is ​admired for having done something very ​brave or having ​achieved something ​great

Recently I have discovered this video, which is a Coca Cola commercial, but gives a lot of food for thought. This idea can be used with students B1-B2 level and upwards.

Before students watch the video, ask them what is a hero in their opinion?
You can brainstorm an make a mindmap on the board.
A hero can mean a lot of things like a super hero or just somebody who has done a good deed, saving somebody from a difficult situation.
  • Can students name a hero? It can be anything from Superman to a person who has helped somebody cross the street, real or imaginary.
  • Students then watch the video. 
  • Their task is to write down what is happening.
  • You can let them commend while they are watching.
  • What are the people doing ? What is happening?
  • Write any necessary vocabulary on the board.
  • What your you do in similar situations? 
  • Divide students into groups and have them write their own scenario.
  • Then, they can act it out!
  • As homework, they can write about their favourite hero or a person they admire most.
 Here is some of my students' work:
My Superhero by Alex (A2 level)
My favourite superheroby Giannis (B1 level)
My superhero by Angela (B1 level)
Superpowers by Christina (B2 level)

Some years ago, my students and I devoted some posts about superheros and super powers as well:
Super gadgets of the future 
Super hero high (comic by British council site for kids)
Are you a super hero test

And a lot more articles dedicated to superheroes, which you can find if you search my blog with the theme superheroes!!

Happy teaching

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