Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer adventures: #TOBELTA Conference

It was a decision of the moment!! Why not?
Christina was going to talk about extensive reading and portfolios and I was going to to talk about reading and writing activities, creating a portfolio while preparing for exams!
Piece of cake...
A sudden health problem changed our plans though..
And although I wanted so badly to do this with Christina, it just couldn't be done right now.
People at BELTA were really nice, they gave me the chance to present on my own....
But... My presentation was for 20-25 minutes...
And not that exam oriented...

So I decided to show a lot of my students' work... and a lot of the activities we had prepared on my blog. So the presentation included:
  • Book and character descriptions
  • Creation of leaflets (tourist information/ islands/ archaeological places)
  • Urban legends
  • Videos - book presentations
  • Movie night & creative writing
  • Poems (Haiku / cinquain) to revise & consolidate vocabulary
  • Lot's of self- and peer assessment.
I have to say that the BELTA audience is pretty different from the conferences I am used to. I don't know a lot of people and the atmosphere is  more serious, which is necessarily not a bad thing. Just made me nervous.
I had the luck and honour to have my very good friend Vicky Loras as a moderator, which was a great relief and her help mean a lot!!!
All in all it was a different but wonderful experience!
You can find all the sessions over here!

  A big thank you for the chance to learn new things and watch so many amazing educators!

PS. Hopefully the original presentation with Christina will come alive some time in the near future!

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