Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Summer adventures 2015: MOOCing

Others go to the beach...
Some wonderful free courses going on and I could not miss them:
A wonderful course offered for free by #iTDi and Dr. Stephen Krashen.
THE path to academic English
Traditional teaching approaches vs innovative teaching?
All combined with wonderful stories by Dr. Krashen with his unique style.

Dyslexia and foreign language teaching
As teachers we all have to know something about learning difficulties and how to recognize them. In this 4-week course you get the chance to learn different approaches how to handle students with dyslexia though:
  • differentiated instruction
  • multi-sensory approach
  • IT
Lot's of videos, resources, teaching samples and materials offered! At

 Interested in psychology? Having to do with kids?
How do we deal with vulnerable children? What are the boundaries of our profession?
Caring for vulnerable kids is another interesting course by future learn

And of course catching up on the live webinars I missed at:
#iTDi Summer Intensive

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