Sunday, April 12, 2015

IATEFL Conference 2015:Interview with Scott Thornbury

Browsing the sessions and interviews today, deciding what to write about, I couldn't resist on watching Scott Thornbury talking about Blended Learning.
Since I have completed an iTDi course on Blended Learning with Pete Sharma last month and my main work right now is working on a Flipped Classroom, I just had to know more about this.

It seems that Scott Thornbury is currently writing a paper on Blended Learning especially about the use of technology.
He mentions that he is training teachers online.
He has developed a series of criteria that technology (apps, tools) has to meet in order to be useful.
There has to be comprehensible input, output, practice, feedback, correction, guidance, scaffolding ...
Of course no app could meet the all the criteria, but it would make a good guide for developers and designers when they create a new app.
Another thing he pointed out is that technology will always be the addition to the classroom learning and not the main source.

In order for learning to happen, we need a lot of repetitive practice which is not fun.
So why not make it fun and move the practice out of the classroom?
He also talked about the Flipped classroom, which is a balance way to pre-classromm work.

I am really glad that people like Scott Thornbury support new methods of teaching and giving us more guidance of the subject.

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