Sunday, April 12, 2015

IATEFL Conference 2015: Interview with Jamie Keddie

I was actually not going to write about another interview today, but while I was watching Scott Thornbury, I saw on the right side of the page that Jamie Keddie was on as well.
He is one of my favourite people in ELT (yes, I have many favourite people) and I had the pleasure of attending one of his talks some years ago on the TESOL Macedonia Thrace convention, plus the fact that my last year's project was a video project - I have to say that after one of his webinars, I sent him a message with my students' work and my presentation and he actually gave me his feedback and I really appreciate it that he took the time to do so.
So of course I would watch this interview and write something about it!

Jamie Keddie started his interview telling thatthe IATEFL conference is just like Christmas, it happens every year and it's time for reflection, what we have done the past year and also there is a lot of food ( and fighting!!)
He then talked about his story telling - video projects and that he tries to find ways to get students to become storytellers themselves.
"Cameras hold the key"
Videos are a dominant subject in this convention and he also mentioned that YouTube has become 10 years old this February on Valentines Day.
Teachers have been trying to find ways to exploit video and how to use it to teach English.
He wants to move though from exploitation to creation.
So he puts cameras in the hands of the students. His projects are not collaborative in the classroom but more individual, he tries to promote "video-blogging" - so that students can tell stories on video.
There are a lot of ways to share the videos, students can give the m to the teacher with a flash stick or upload it on google drivers, but the best way is to upload them online so that they can be shared with the whole class. 
The follow up depends in the nature of the task. It can be feed back or asking questions.

He then gave us an example of such an activity.
Students make an 1-minute- video telling a "lost and found" story, telling what is the most valuable thing they have lost or they have found or they have won. This story can be true or a lie. The other students who watch have to decide if this person is telling the truth or not.

Jamie Keddie was then asked if there is a special preparation for the tasks and he answered that the teacher can give feedback on scripts for example but the activities can be done better individually at home with peace and quiet.
He also suggested some videos he has made with advice on how to make videos which can be found on his YouTube Channel.

He then talked about his experience talking on an online conference and how it is different form face to face conference and he pointed out that talking on a camera to virtual audience is also a new presentation skill that has to be crafted.

It was a real pleasure watching this interview

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