Sunday, February 15, 2015

Believe in yourself (paragraph blogging)

I saw this new blogging trend on Anna's, Kate's and Sandy's blog and I thought I should give it a try.
First of all I never write long posts and secondly I never have time to write so much anymore. So this is a good way of expressing my feelings and my thoughts without actually worrying if the post is long enough.
Well, my work life is changing from tomorrow. After 7 years of freelance, I am beginning a new chapter working for an educational company.  Although what I am going to be doing is not that strange to me, it is different from just teaching and I do have my doubts if I am going to make it.
Of course the people who are hiring me must have seen something in me and they probably think I could complete the tasks they have in mind, but I have to say that I am a little hesitant for my new beginning. Hesitant but also excited at the same time.
What is annoying though, is that people in my surroundings are very skeptical on what I have decided, they raise a lot of doubts on how I am going to make it go, working at the office, then rush off to my private classes, to the gym and also complete my "household chores".
And to be honest I don't really know how I am going to make it, either. But I think I will, one step at a time. And sometimes you need people around you to just be there for you and support your decisions and not make you feel bad that you have to sacrifice other things.
Maybe I am overconfident about myself, I don't know, but loving your job and not feeling guilty to spend time creating stuff is not actually a crime. I guess that most people in the blog-o-shpere are doing exactly the same thing. And "Work-o-holic" is not actually a bad word is it?


Gordana Popovic said...

With your energy and enthusiasm, I'm sure you'll make it. Wish you all the best, Theodora. :)

Silvers said...


I'm going through the same time management dilemmas - and have been working on a Ninja TM programme all morning;)

I'll share it on my blog sometime when /if it works for me.

Don't listen to anyone else..!!