Tuesday, January 6, 2015

One word for 2015 #OneWord

Although I have already written my New Year's Resolutions for 2015 or better Small Goals, I read Vicky Loras' post and I got jealous!
It seems there is a new "trend" or "Challenge" in the Blog-o-sphere and teachers around the world express the word which will define them in 2015.

Well, I guess my word will be #MOVE.

Moving on to new possibilities to my teaching. This means mostly that I will have to explore ways to keep teaching, not necessarily face to face. I think I can set up an online business someday, somehow, as long as I can find my niche. This can happen if you have the right connections in my opinion and I am working my way towards that.

Move away from negative people. There are people who judge you no matter what you do, right or wrong. And I really don't mind if somebody tells me that I am doing something wrong. What I really hate is when they always find you at fault. Or when I have done something without noticing and people stop talking to me and I don't know why.

Move off to a new territory. And this is my new "moving project". Teaching through moving. I have a lot ideas for this, I really don't know if I can make it in 2015, nut I'll keep trying!

Move towards a healthy lifestyle. Not live to work but work to live. No more stress. Healthy nutrition and exercise (something that has been been left behind these last months)

Be moved by real people. And when I say real, I don't mean the internet, I mean not fake (true with their feelings)

Move and keep spinning!!! 

And no matter what,  keep moving and have some FUN!!!

PS. A bit of vocabulary practice:
  • move on: stop one thing and start another
  • move in: move to a new house
  • move away: leave
  • move out: leave your home
  • move over: move to the side
  • move towards:  tend to favor a particular conclusion.
  • be moved:  to stir the emotions:


Gordana Popovic said...

I love it, Theodora! Just keep on moving! :)

Unknown said...

Hi Theodora, I loved the way you played with the word you'd chosen to represent you. I'm not surprised by your choice at all. Judging by what I know about you, this word represents you as a whole; it's about your lifestyle and the type of person you are. Personally, I also love to move - my favourite way of movement is to walk. I hate waiting and being in one place/situation for too long. So I guess we're the same in this respect. :-) Anyway, I wish you a great year. Good luck and never stop moving!

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

From Theodore Lalos:
I'd like to think that my word is 'engage'

Engage learners in the learning process

Engage myself in different activities and discussions

Engage myself in wild sprees whenever possible

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