Saturday, January 3, 2015

30 Small Goals...

This year I am going to write 30 small New year's resolutions (small goals to be more exact).
They will not be strictly professional though:

1. Find my niche ( not necessarily do only that though)
2.  Work towards an online lesson business
3. Find online students
4. Use TED talk lessons
5. Learn how to use Edmodo
6. Learn how to use Wiziq
7. Learn how to make a PayPal account
8. Work on my "keep on moving" prezo (I really don't know if we can make it this year, but still I have to try)
9. Find a "theme" for an online presentation
10. Work on my teaching skills as a "young learners" teacher (I have rarely worked with small children and although I have lots of materials on teens and adults, I have to find more on the young ones)
11. Read more methodology - pedagogy and German books
12.Teach a class again (at least one hour! I miss being in a classroom)
13. Brush up my Spanish
14. Learn a new language (Turkish or Russian preferably)
15. Design new lessons and activities
16. Read more literature with my students (at least an excerpt once a month)
17. The same goes with songs and music, use at least one song or music piece - activity
18. Experiment on a Flipped classroom
19. Try to teach something new, for example presentation techniques or activities development etc
20. Work on a presentation in German (not necessarily present it...)
21. Learn how to cook. Experiment on one new dish once a month
22. Spend one day a month offline
23. one hour without looking at my phone every day
24. Spend time with my son doing something alone together at least once a week
25. Take up running
26. Take part in the next marathon (goal is at 10km but if I don't have time to train, 5 is ok too -5km in 30 mins tops)
27. Instruct a spinning class at least one time ( I miss this so much)
28. Go to the gym 5 -6 days a week (never miss practice)
29. Start eating healthy (5 small meals a day, no sweets, no alcohol, less bread, more fruit and veggies, at least the ones I can eat - allergies) and avoid allergic attacks
30. Organize a charity event (I hope this works)


Jenny said...

There some nice things and a few I want to do myself. Especially the learning new dishes. (Sorry, If I sound arrogant but I do not have to learn I have a natural talent for it, guess because my great -grandmother was a professional cooker), learning a new language. But i want to learn Dutch, why is your choice Turkish or Russian?
Live more healthy, too! Want to start with walking to the station in the mornings instead of taking the bus, lpstart with yoga and go back swimming once a week at least perhaps twice.

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

Hello dear Jenny, thank you for your comment! I love languages, I had taken up Dutch for a year, I understand a few phrases and can get around! This time I want something different! As far as the gym goes, it's been 7 years I go to training 5 times a week maybe six, but I have let myself a bit as far as nutrition is concerned! I hope I can be in a better shape this year!! Happy new year!!

Jenny said...

I tried the gym last year again but i was not successful ;( it is really not my kind of sports anymore. Swimming isn't that much mine, too. But it is at least something i can do on Sunday mornings and did during our holidays last year since the hotel had a little pool. Beside that I do not love it, I reached a success very soon :)
Happy new year to you, too! And good luck for your goals!

Unknown said...

Hey Theodora!! I loved this post. Just saw it. One of my goals... stay updated. I really need to rev up my social media skills cause I am missing out stuff. I started writing in a planner so that is another little goal!!Once again, great post, some of your goals are my goals as well : D

Theodora Papapanagiotou said...

Hi Joanna! I am glad you liked it!!! I am posting everything related to work on my other FB page, and not on my wall anymore ( I am trying to keep it separated!!) I am glad you liked it! Keep me posted on your goals and how it is going!

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