Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"The princess who had no kingdom" by Athanasia S.

Once upon a time there was a princess who had no kingdom. She had a pony called Pretty and a cart. The princess wasn't rich like the other princesses, but she earned a little money delivering strange parcels and looking for her kingdom.

There was a duchess who didn't want her son, the prince, to see the princess, because, if he fell in love with her, he would want to marry her and what's the point of a wedding without a kingdom?
So, she sent him away boating.

The duchess and her six daughters invited the princess for tea, but they treated her unkindly. They gave her their old dresses and the jester gave her his red tights to keep her warm. The princess sold the dresses but kept the tights.

One day she went to the coronation of the new King and all the princes and the King himself wanted to marry her because she was very beautiful. The princess got tired of all their fighting and left.
On her way, she saw a young man who was trying to pull his cart and horse out of a ditch and she helped him. The man was the duchess' jester.  the jester offered his heart to her and together they wandered.

One day the princess received a parcel with her lost umbrella. On the parcel was written: " To the princess of here, there and everywhere". So the jester told her: " This is your Kingdom".
So they became the Queen and the King of  here, there and nowhere.
And they lived happily ever after!!

Athanasia is in pre-intermediate level and this was her first attempt of writing a summary of a book in English.
This fairytale was written by Ursula Jones and Sarah Gibb and the images are taken from there. 

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