Monday, September 29, 2014

#WeekChallenge: Journal writing day 1

I decided to take up Chuck Sandy's short-goal challenge and the task I decided to complete is write about everything happening every day on my blog for a week!

Work / teaching:
1. I completed editing and correcting the translation I was on. Up till this year, I had never considered I could have a job as a translator, but the texts are so interesting! It's like I absorb knowledge - learning about all the muscles, training techniques and how to maximize athlete performance! Sometimes it is so tiring though, I feel that I am the one performing the exercises!!! I am glad that I finished this one! Can't wait for the next one
2. First lesson of the day with a 12-year old girl, a new student, we started a couple of weeks ago. She had to miss some school last year due to problems and this year I am there to fill the gaps and help her move forward. I did not "place" her in a lower level, I thought we should cover the things she doesn't know with extra activities. It doesn't really matter if we go a bit slower, as long as she understands what she is learning. I am really glad that she is not the kind of the girl who likes Justin Bieber and the like. So when we reach an appropriate level of English, I am planning some really great projects on old movies, like "The Wizard of Oz" or "The Sound of Music"
2. Some houses I go to, I feel them like home. This happens with my dear Eleni. I've been years with this family, I have taught her brother, her cousins and they have introduced me to a million of people and I am really grateful! There is mutual trust... German B1 exam prep for today (exam in January), it still can be fun though!
3. Talking about people I feel my own, my next student is one of those as well. I've been with him since the age of 10-11 and now he is 15, a real teenager. A really mischievous but very intelligent boy. I have helped him through his B2 level exam in English and his German at school. This year I am helping him through the C2 level prep, which they also do at school. I have just ordered the books, I mean it is pretty hard to analyze idioms and new voc. if you don't have a book. We mostly spend time on online dictionaries, writing examples of the new words. I hope we can make some more videos on gamification soon.

Gym/ Nutrition:
12.00pm Spinning Class at the new gym.  I am a bit sore from Saturday's weight lifting class, but if I keep doing nothing, it will hurt more. The spin instructor they have on Mondays and Wednesdays is one of the best instructors in town. She is also a cycling athlete and she is one of the few people who push me to reach and go beyond my limits. And I also like her as a person, my type of gal!
Although they have some great trainers and fantastic equipment at the new gym and everybody is very polite, it still doesn't feel like home.
8.00 pm Body combat class at my old gym. The trainer and owner of this gym is fantastic! I think he is the best body combat trainer in Greece, a real performer. Although I have tried other trainers and tae bo style classes, this class is incredible. It is one of the reasons I have not left the old gym!
It is very hard for me to choose to which gym I will continue. I have subscriptions to both till December, but then I will have to choose.
My old gym feels like home, I know a lot of people there, some I like, some others I don't (but that's how families are right?)
My new gym has all this fancy equipment and wonderful spin classes, but to tell the truth, I don't feel comfortable....

Still struggling to convince my son to be a bit more "enthusiastic" about studying and homework! I really worry as a mum. It is a big change going from elementary school to junior high. More subjects, more tests. I see him really relaxed. On the other hand he has taken up so many extra-curricular activities this year, every day he has practice, which takes him time from his homework.
The fact that I work so much and he has limited time, has also limited the lessons we have together, so I guess his English suffers as well.
Sometimes I feel guilty that I am not that much around due to work. Sometimes he is complaining, for example "why can't you be a good cook like all the other mums?", but deep inside I know he is glad I am not the traditional hysterical mum.

To be continued...

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