Sunday, May 25, 2014

My first online course... impressions

May was a really wonderful month full of knowledge...
I've had the luck of taking part in ITD's Contrasting Conversations course with John Fanselow.
It was the first time I have tried something like that.
First of all I have to say that all the advice and suggestions John gave us, made me see my teaching way differently.
Recording and transcribing our lessons does help us see what went wrong, what we did right and how would somebody else sees what we do.

Lots of interesting people talking part from all over the world with lots of different views.

John Fanselow is an amazing professional, with good words for everybody and time to answer privately to all messages (I don't really know how he does it!! I really admired him for that)
I did the first assignment completely wrong because I didn't understand what  we were supposed to do, but he appreciated the fact that I had a different aspect of the task.

Unfortunately I have not completed all the assignments, due to to lack of time and workload and the fact that I am not disciplined enough to work on my own. This is something to work on...

Taking part in ITDi's course was a wonderful experience which I am sure will help me improve myself as a teacher, not only in the present but continue to evaluate myself as the time passes.

I would highly recommend  an ITDi course to every teacher for personal and professional development.

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