Saturday, January 4, 2014

What's new!

First post of the year.... I have been thinking a lot lately what I am supposed to write, I have so much to do lately that it's a bit difficult to think of something new.
So, I thought I should write about what is going on and what is going to happen during this year.
I am working on three projects lately, although I don't really know how to start or what to do!

First big project is the on going #30GoalsEDU Challenge. I have started during the summer with Cycle 4 and moving on to Cycle 5. #30Goals is  a blogging challenge for educators initiated by Shelly Terrell. We were given 30 different blogging tasks. Participants wrote their ideas on their interpretation of the Goal. The goals were proposed by Shelly and in the last cycle some of the Goals were also proposed by us the participants. This year, it is somehow different. We will not be using our personal blogs anymore, but write about a Goal of our choice (new or old) on a specific site, along with information about our country.

Second big project is the ELT Reading club! Initiated by Maria Sachpazian, who managed to gather colleagues from our hometown Thessaloniki, who are interested in reading. Our goal is to meet up every two months or so and talk about books, blogs, articles we have read and exchange opinions on case studies. 2 or 3 members have the task to make a brief presentation of the materials they have read and also write a blog about it afterwards. This will be a great opportunity for further development.
Of course I wouldn't miss the chance of being one of the first presenters. My book is about discipline and limits and I am sure this will bring on a great discussion (and why not a workshop for a next convention???)

Third big project is TESOL GREECE Convention in Athens.  I am so excited that I am going to present again this year. It is going to be a bit strange presenting alone this year ( I am really worried how I will manage on my own since I don't have much of technical knowledge).
This time it will not be a workshop (like the previous projects), but a presentation of my students work (and not only).
"We're on the air" project has started as a fun video among students, turned out to be a cultural video exchange for several countries around the world. In this presentation I will show you how the idea begun, the stages of our students' work, and finally what we have achieved so far.  

Have a great New Year everybody!


vickyloras said...

Theodora mou what a great year this is shaping up to be!

I absolutely love the idea of the ELT Reading Club - I wish I could join in too! And I am so happy you were accepted at the TESOL Greece Convention (which I was absolutely positive would happen) - I also wish I could attend your session, which I am sure will be super, as it is built upon a super project.

Thanks for being such a super motivator in our ELT community! Many are the times when I feel uplifted just reading your posts!

Theodora Pap said...

Thank you for your kind words dear Vicky! It means a lot!!! Can't wait to see you again in Thessalonki!!! Take care!!!