Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tagged again!!! 11 More facts about me!!!

Tagged once again by Pravita Indriati, a dedicated educator form Indonesia!
Being a part of 30 Goals has brought so many interesting people into my life!! I am really thankful for that!!

To Pravita's questions:
  1. What place do you really want to be at this moment? Why? I'd love to spend Christmas in New York some time!! I think that's where I would like to be right now!
  2. If you were reborn, what do you want to be? Myself!
  3.  Where did you travel the furthest? The furthest I have traveled is England.... No time and no money to go further I am afraid!
  4. If you have the chance to meet your favorite actor/actress/singer, who would that be and what will the first thing you say to him/her? I don't want to meet anyone particular. They are people like us, only they get more publicity and more money!
  5. What is the craziest thing you like to do? an extreme sport. Bungee jumping or paragliding maybe?
  6. What fruit do you like most and hate most? Why? Well, I am allergic to most fruit, so I cannot answer to this question!
  7. What is your favorite movie of all time? You've got mail with Tom Hanks!!! The ultimate romantic story!
  8.  What is the best book you read and recommend?It depends on what type of books you read! I love detective stories, so I'd recommend Sue Grafton's Alphabet series.
    9. What was your favorite childhood experience? Going to our beach house in the summer. We were about 10-15 children "discovering" something new every day!
    10. Appetizer, main course or dessert? I'd say dessert, but all is good!
    11. What is your typical Sunday morning? Sunday morning... Well... Wake up at seven, have coffee and go to my private student for a 2-hour-lesson!! If I don't work, I have breakfast with my family!

    Well, Thank you Pravita for the questions!!!

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