Sunday, January 26, 2014

#30GoalsChallenge: Goal 1: Preparing for the journey

My first post for Cycle 5 will not be a video or Prezi (this is a presentation presenting myself for #mentorevo)  or Gloster or something impressive...
Just a plain blog to remind myself that it is NOT a competition....

As Shelly said, this post should be "celebrating an achievement and determining what we want to accomplish in 2014"

3 Things about me:

I am from a beautiful city in Greece, Thessaloniki

I have a wonderful 12 year old son

I am totally kineasthetic

 2 Things I want to accomplish:

Complete the Distance DELTA 

Get a Spinning® Instructor Certification 

1 Achievement I am proud of from 2013


Coordinating an international cultural exchange project which will be presented in the TESOL Greece convention in March


1 comment:

Shelly Sanchez Terrell said...

Very proud of your work, too! And I hope you get that spinning certification this year.