Sunday, December 22, 2013

11 Random Facts .... sequel

Oh yes, I was tagged again by the lovely Fabiana Casella. 
I met Fabiana through the #30GoalChallenge and she later helped me with my own "On the air project".  I believe she a great educator and a wonderful person and I hope we meet some time soon face to face!

Her questions:
1. What are three adjectives that describe you best? Passionate, energetic, commited
2. Who is someone you admire the most? Why? One of the people I admire the most is my teacher trainer Olha Madylus. Not only is she a very knowledgeable person, but she is also very energetic. She can motivate you do things you have never imagined!
3. What is your favorite color? Why? My favourite color is black!! It goes with everything!
4. Where would you like to spend your dream vacation? My dream vacation would be in New York! I am a city-kid and this is the ultimate city!
5. Are you a good cook? What is your "speciality"? I am a terrible cook!! I am not good at it at all no matter how hard I try!
6. Have you ever met a Hollywood star? Where? How? I have met some Greek actors - singers - models but not a Hollywood one!
7. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones? Tough one! Rolling stones I guess
8. Can you Tango? or better said: Can you dance Tango? I cannot dance at all! Rhythm is not my stuff either!
9. Have you ever eaten some exotic food? I am so allergic that I don't dare to try something new!
10.Do you think you are a connected educator? I think so, although there is a lot of stuff I should learn!
11. If you were ever offered to teach in a foreign country, which one would you choose? Argentina of course! I could practise my Spanish, get to know new hospitable people and learn all about this wonderful country!


Fabiana Casella said...

Thank you Theo!!! I have learned so much from you a passionate, practical, energetic person!! Lovely and caring!! The best for 2014 as well!

Theodora Pap said...

Thank you for tagging me!! Take care!