Sunday, November 24, 2013

#30Goals Challenge: Goal 24: Be there and listen!

I was in the middle of a lesson today, where I had to comment on my student's oral performance. I had made my notes with all the mistakes she had made, how she could have said it better and I started talking...
When suddenly I realized that I was just talking and talking without considering how my student felt at the moment.
This moment reminded me of last week's Spinning seminar my instructor kept telling me what I had done wrong, how I should have expressed myself better and how I could enhance my techniques, and everything in a very strict cold way. I remember that I felt really useless, because although I had tried to do my best (I studied, I rehearsed), I still was not perfect. And I got really mad because he pointed out all the negative parts and he didn't actually say if I had done anything right.
My reaction was really bad, I mean I got really disappointed by his comments - I practically yelled at him.
But he LISTENED and next time, his behavior was different, although he did mention all my mistakes, he also praised the things I did right.
This gave me food for thought. As a teacher, I try to tend to my students needs, to LISTEN to them, but I had never really thought about their feelings.
Yes, we yell, maybe sometimes if they are noisy or unruly we make sarcastic remarks, but we, I, have to understand that nobody is perfect.
It is impossible not to make mistakes when you learn something new. Mistakes are a process of learning.
It is our responsibility as educators to listen to what our students have to say - their stories their feelings...
So, whenever I correct you guys (referring to my students) I do it with my best intentions. Because I want you to get better. Because I know you can...
Take care and keep learning!

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