Wednesday, November 6, 2013

#30 Goals Challenge: Goal 20: Confront the Issues

When I first discovered the #30 Goals Challenge this summer, I could never imagine in what "adventures" I would get into!!!
Both the Goals and the people I have met make me push myself harder, maybe even to the limits.... They actually make me see what my limits are and try to go beyond them...
It was early summer, when I had the idea for the "we are on the air" project and this idea got bigger and bigger and I found people who were actually willing to take part and started working on it right away.
For me it was a little more difficult, because I do not work at a school, so I had several issues to confront.
  • First of all I had to gather my students as a team. This was really difficult since their age and their language level was not the same. So I had to work separately with each one of them and it took some time.... 
  • Another issue was to actually meet and do the videos. Children nowadays have so many activities and so much homework, it was pretty difficult almost impossible to find time, but in the end we did and to my surprise, they got along just fine and worked together nicely.
  • My most important issue is the creation of the video itself. Although we did shoot the various parts of our town, my student who was supposed to put the pieces together backed out due to homework overload and we don't have technical support. I am practically illiterate when it comes to video and movie making so this is a BIG problem that we have to overcome!!!
  • Even if or when this video is ready, the last and most important issue I have to confront and overcome is the creation of my presentation for the TESOL Greece Convention (and maybe the RSCON) if they accept me. I have presented before but always with my partner in crime, Ms. Maria Theologidou, who was in charge of the Power point, as an expert. I guess I have to push myself again and let's hope I'll succeed!!
Whatever the result is I have to say a big THANK YOU to all the people I have met at the 30 Goals group.
If you want to take part in our little project, you still have time! This is the link to our Facebook Group:
and the videos so far: (page made by Cristina Silva)

What we have done so far:
 We are on the air! 


Fabiana Casella said...

So true Theo, my students are finding it hard to get together to film too, etc, etc.although they want to participate!!!
You dear Theo: Be strong and you will get to it! We are all inspiring each other this way without even noticing...So next year we will be listening to you twice and feeling proud of knowing you! :-)

Theodora Pap said...

thank you for your comment dear Fabiana! I would like you to be my guest blogger if you have some time, writing about the difficulties you and your students face on this project. This way I can also include the negative aspects (and not only count on my experience) in my presentation!

Shelly Terrell said...

I'm so impressed by the work you put into this. It's such a great project. And I congratulate you for the learning you are going through with your students. It attests to what a great teacher you are.

Theodora Pap said...

We never stop learning dear Shelly! And that's the great part of our job!