Sunday, November 3, 2013

#30 Goals Challenge: Goal 18: Shake Things up!

I don't consider myself a traditional teacher.... I always want to "shake things up" a bit.
I don't know why but I am really restless when it comes to my work and my students. I don't want to just get a book do my lesson and go home.
Being a teacher, an educator, it doesn't matter what subject you teach, is not just a job. You don't only share your knowledge, you are their second parent, their friend, you show them how life is, you don't just teach your subject and leave!
That's why I try to be close to "my kids", do fun stuff together, learn things with them and from them, BE THERE.

Every year we do a project together, the last couple of years we had the valuable company of Ms Maria Theologidou, doing drama and music activities (since Maria is an expert on that field as well)

This year we tried something different. The idea was to get to know our city. The kids had to find information about historical sites around the city and then make a video about it in English.

I let my students do their research on their own and write the texts on their own. I tried not to correct them.
The idea was to share the video with students from other countries as a cultural exchange and present everybody's work at the TESOL GREECE in March.

I really don't know if our videos are good, I haven't processed them, yet.... But....
I have to admit that it was an wonderful experience...
First of all it is amazing how much you can learn about your city when you organize a city walk like we did today.  We visited museums, archeological sites, wandered on the streets, discovered places we had never been before and most of all had some fun and bonded as a team and that's what mattered the most.

So whatever the result of our project will be, if there is going to be any result, today we have definitely shaken things up!

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