Sunday, September 15, 2013

Answering your questions: Why did you decide to become an educator.

Sometimes it is not as easy as it seems to actually keep a blog and write frequently. I have started blogging back in 2007, but I had a long break a couple of years ago and then I found blog challenges! Blog challenges are actually subjects that people (in my case teachers) write articles about and compare notes. This way I have found the strength to start expressing myself again and guess what? New ideas came to me and it started rolling!
So when I don't know what to write about (sometimes it happens) I look around, ask people what they want to hear. That's what I did today - put up a question on Facebook and in 5 minutes I had "homework"
So the first question I am going to answer came from my good friend and colleague Vicky Loras.
So why did I decide to become an educator ??
No I didn't really have a dream of becoming a teacher like most little girls. To tell the truth, I didn't know what profession I should follow until the age of 18-19.
At school I just loved maths and music! I wanted to study maths and become a crazy scientist and since I was also playing the keyboard, I was dreaming of becoming a famous rock star as well!!!
But the love of my life was languages and communication. I was the only child in my class learning 2 foreign languages (English and German) and although there was no Internet I was corresponding with people around the world (more than 100 people).
I was curious to learn what happens in the world and the foreign languages enabled me to do so.
In the summers I was the interpreter of my friends when we wanted to meet foreign kids.
What all this has to do with teaching?

It does because I wanted to make people understand that learning a language can open the doors to communication. If you learn about other people's culture and civilization, you can understand how they react, you become more tolerant.
If you learn a foreign language, you can travel, you can work or study all over the world, you can be free.
I started tutoring my friends while at University. There was always someone who needed help and I was glad to do it.
And I just knew it. As I mentioned in an older post (Why do I teach) - it is the curiosity in the children's eyes that is fulfilling me both as a teacher and as a person!
Well I hope I have answered to your question dear Vicky!!
Message to all of you: keep the questions coming!!!


Anonymous said...

My dear Theodora,

Thank you so much! I always love to hear stories about how teachers decided to take taht route. I wanted to be a lawyer as long as I remember, by the way ; )

I love your conclusion and especially about how tolerance can be created and how important it is.

I honestly want to tell you that you are one of the educators I really appreciate and admire!

Best wishes,

Theodora Pap said...

Thank you for your kind words dear Vicky! You give me inspiration as well! Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

That's a great story Dora! And it is nice to learn that you already learnt German as child! I think that is very rarely especially when we think back to the time when we were at school ;)
Btw i never decided to be a bookseller myself, too! It just happened. I had the dream to become an interpreter but did not have the chance beside normail school lessons to do more intensive additional lessons.

Theodora Pap said...

What is meant to be is meant to be dear Jenny!!! It's never too late to follow your dreams though!