Friday, August 9, 2013

Sky is the limit... with a little planning of course!!!!

I thought I could write something different than the 30 Goals challenge, but I am going to write about goals again!
Summer is ending so both teachers and students should start getting ready for the following school year.
So what I always do is make a list with the things I have to do or I want to do, so I can make my life easier when I start work!

  • Check on the stationary, pens, pencils, erasers, markers and everything else I am going to need during the year
  • Clean my bookshelves. Every single school year there are books that I don't need, because an exam has changed or a newer version has come out. There is no need to keep unnecessary things. Recycling is a good idea.
  • Make a list of the students/classes - levels I am going to teach the following year.
  • Decide on new books, materials, sites I am going to use. I always adjust to my students needs afterwards, but it's always nice to have an initial plan.
  • Visit a big book-stationary store and browse around - buy what is needed (this has become a tradition)
  • Buy a new diary (for my schedule and lesson plans of the day)
  • Write a blog about this year's holidays!!!! (all my students ask for it)
Of course I never stick to the plan. It is just nice to know that you want to be organized.
So, after all this boring organizing stuff....
Just BE creative
 SKY is the LIMIT!!!

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