Monday, July 8, 2013

30 Goals Challenge: Goal 1 #30GoalsEdu

I've been reading other people's blogs about this 30 Goals challenge for months, and I wanted to take part, but never got down on it.... Until now! I think that Shelly's idea is a wonderful one and it gives reasons to some people (like me) to go on! I just wanted to add that it is much easier to have a subject to write that keep on searching for ideas all the time (which is very creative but sometimes you get "blocked")

So here it goes:
Goal 1: Define your moment

I believe that each of us does not have just one moment. A group of moments and actions define us as an individual, as an educator, as a professional, as a parent (in my case at least)

So one of MY moments is when I enter a new classroom,  when I meet a new student, when I plan a new lesson, when I read an interesting blog or article and most importantly when I do things to make myself better.


computermorah said...

I'm just going to get going myself! Now I don't feel so alone. And I agree with you - it's really hard to define one moment and teaching is more a series of them.

Theodora Pap said...

thank you so much for replying!!