Saturday, March 20, 2010

Technology in the classroom

Recently I have neen to a lecture with "new" ideas about using technology in the classroom. Well, the ideas were not so new actually, but it is nice to see that some people adopt more and more gadgets to make their lessons more interesting.
More and more schools use interactive whiteboards, either with programmes made by publishers (according to their books) or with self made ideas. This entails much work but I think it is well worth it. On the Interactive white board you can also show videos, use it as a projector, as a CD player or as a big screen if you coonect it to your computer.

MP3's and ipods can also be a big help. You can download songs, sounds, videos, pictures and show them to your students as a part of your lesson.

Students can also use the internet as a source of information - they could make a presentation about a subject or even a debate.

Mobile phones can also be really useful as they can play music and also be used as video recorders. Most students are really happy to see themselves acting most of the times...

Well with a little imagination everything is possible!!

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