Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I guess most of you know about "Glühwein", the German mulled wine, that is sold all over Germany at the Christmas markets. In fact that was actually the reason I went to Germany this year!!
But have you ever heard of "Glühbier"? It seems to be a kind of mulled beer, it comes from Belgium, it is drunk hot and has the taste of a cherry.
Click here for recipies in English and German


AΓΑΠΗ said...

Glukia k agapimeni dorapap kali xronia eyxomai me ygeia!

Polla filakia!!

dorapap said...

Κωστα μου... κατα λάθος το έκανα reject!! Αυτά παθάινεις όταν προσπαθείς να τα κάνεις όλα απο το iphone!!! Here is your comment:

Vrakas Kostas has left a new comment on your post "Glühbier":

Ναι..κατι ακουσα φυσικα..
Και εκανα το λαθος και..την δοκιμασα!
Ουτε τα ποδια μου να πλυνω δεν αξιζει!
Καλη Χρονια σου ευχομαι Ντορα.
Με υγεια αγαπη(οχι την απο πανω)και καθε επιτυχια!

Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr!!!