Friday, September 25, 2009

Blogging in the classroom

A very interesting aspect of blogging was presented at the German teacher conference this year in Athens.
From what I understood, the project was divided into two kinds of blogs. Firstly, the students' blogs and secondly a summer-blog with excersises, texts and interesting stuff (links) for the students to read and do during the summer in order not to keep in touch with the language during the holidays.

The students' blogs is a very big project and needs lots of work and guidance by the teacher. In order for this project to work, most of it must be done in the classroom. This means that there has to be access to computers, which makes it really difficult for state school teachers or small language schools to go ahead with it.

Students are encouraged to work on their page layout, choose their subjects and write on their own without corrections by the teacher.
Teacher only gives them the tasks, which can be a text, a link, a picture or even a video.

Having experimented with blogging and students, I can only add that this work can only be a success, if the teacher steadily controls the students work and gives them input and feedback all the time.
On the other hand, can this be an obstacle in the creativity of the students?

I give you some links with the work of the students of Goethe Institut Athen and their teachers.
I must admitt that they worked really hard and with lots of enthusiasm...


Anonymous said...

I just took a short look at one of the blogs. It is really interesting and probably a lot of work. But your ideas about using the/your blog with the students is great, too! I hope you will be able to keep on working with it with your students.

dorapap said...

Their blogs is real good work, I agree!! It's the time and effort that has to be put in what's worrying me... Students will need constant control and dedication!!

Vrakas Kostas said...

Καλημερα Ντορακι.

Βρε αυτη η μανια με την..ξενογλωσσια..
Ελληνικος.. δεν σπρεχουμε..Spatzilein;

Παντως,ξεχασες να βαλεις εμενα στα links.
Δεν εχουν να μαθουν τιποτα απο μενα δηλαδη;)

Υγ..Και για να λογοπαιγνιασω λιγο..
New Kinds On ..The Blog..θα βαλεις;)

dorapap said...

Αχ βρε Κωστή! είπα να σοβαρευτώ λίγο και να γράψω κάτι για τη δουλειά μου!!! Αυτά τα ιστιολόγια είναι αξιόλογη δουλειά μαθητών και είπα να τους ... διαφημήσω λίγο!!

Anastasia said...

The Interactive Whiteboard is,to my mind,the best solution if we want our students to get through B2FCE, Proficiency or IGCSE. Yet, I really think your idea of students blogging is brilliant! But considering how many private lessons kids take up after school , is it feasible? And would time spent blogging lead them to exam success? Considering that kids would like to have some time off to play with their Xbox for instance.

Anastasia said...

By the are tagged! *wink* on

Anonymous said...

May I ask how you got the information that these blogs were the work of students in the German Institute of Athens?

dorapap said...

I was informed in one of their German teacher seminars.