Sunday, January 11, 2009

Goal - the movie (by Giannis)

Goal is an adventure and sport film. The story is about a teenager. He was 18 years old and he played football, but not professionally.
One day, a scouter found him and offered him a contract to play at Newcastle FC. The young man accepted and became the youngest footballer in Premier Ship after many troubles. At the beginning he couldn't play well and the coach didn't like him. After training and excersise he could compete in first team. Then he met some other player, who wanted to hurt him To his luck, he avoided him.
One day he finally played in one game. The coach trusted him and he changed him at halftime. He scored 2 goals gave one assist and helped his team to achieve the win. After that, he became famous.
Goal is a film for the whole family but especially for the men... (writes Giannis!!!)

It is obvious that Giannis' homework was to describe one of his favouriete films. I don't know if I have found the right picture for the right film though!!!


neni said...

Γλυκιά μου..μας έλειψες!!!


Very nice description, Giannis!

Damian said...


maybe Giannis would be interested in learning more about football English? If so, then check out

Nice blog, keep it up!