Friday, December 19, 2008

Letter to Santa (by Konstantina)

Dear Santa,
Do you remember me? I am this little girl who always wants you to bring her so many things... But now I'm not so little anymore...
So this time I am going to ask you for something different! I want you to disappear my lovely sisiter!! I am just kidding!!
As a present I want you to disappear my lovely teacher Mrs Dora!!
There are so many reasons why!!!
  1. She doesn't believe in you!
  2. She's always in a crazy, happy mood!
  3. She gives me tooooooooo much homework and I don't have time to do it!
I am only joking - I just want a new mobile phone! (cry) (tears)

I love my teacher hehe!

I have to go now!
See you on New Year's!!!

Konstantina (Salamaki)

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Aνεμος said...

"Κι όταν σου πουν να με πυροβολήσεις/ χτύπα με αλλού/ μη σημαδέψεις την καρδιά μου./ Κάπου βαθιά της ζει το παιδικό σου πρόσωπο./ Δε θάθελα να το λαβώσεις".