Saturday, December 13, 2008


12 eggs, separated
6 cups milk
2 cups heavy/ thickened cream
2 cups bourbon
1+ ½ cups sugar
¾ cup brandy
2 teaspoons ground nutmeg

In a large bowl and using a mixer, beat the egg yolks together with the sugar for approx 10 minutes (you want the mixture to be firm and the colour of butter).
Very slowly, add in the bourbon and brandy - just a little at a time.
When bourbon and brandy have been added, allow the mixture to cool in the fridge (for up to 6 hours, depending on how long before your party you're making the eggnog).
30 minutes before your guests arrive, stir the milk into the chilled yolk mixture.
Stir in 1+ ½ teaspoons ground nutmeg.
In a separate bowl, beat the cream with a mixer on high speed until the cream forms stiff peaks.
In yet another bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff peaks form.
Gently fold the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture.
Gently fold the cream into the egg mixture.
After ladling into cups, garnish with the remainder of the ground nutmeg.

Serves: 8.

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Lily said...

Καλημέρα Ντοράκι, που είσαι?

Γιατί χάθηκες πάλι?

Νιάμι φαίνεται η συνταγή σου...

Φιλάκια και να περνάς να σε βλέπουμε :)

(Υ.Γ σου έστειλα και mail)

arty said...

This looks delicious and it's sth I want to try because I haven't so far..

vrakas kostas said...

Καλησπερα Ντορα,απο μια επι σειρα 5 ημερων γκριζα και μουντη Γερμανια.
Nasskalt oder wie wir es lustig sagen... Arschkalt!!!
Οσο για την συνταγη,θα την ..προωθησω στην ..καταλληλη.
Καλο ΣΚ σου ευχομαι.


Yummy! Πολύ ωραία φαίνεται η συνταγούλα, Θεοδώρα!