Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The reason why I keep teaching!

My "daughters"

Zoe, one of my very first students!

cam chatting with Aggeliki and Konstantina

Aggeliki and Konstantina - video chatting! I guess we missed eachother all summer long!!

I have been asked before why I actually love my job so much...
It is very simple - I like being with people... It's not only because I give my knowledge to somebody... It's the relationship that is beeing created between teacher and students.
I cannot say that I am close to everybody I have taught.
But it is very rewarding when somebody comes out of nowhere in the street and says: "Hello Ms! Do you remember me?"

These photos were taken last week !

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arty said...

I can relate to this because many times there were moments in class where we'd just talk or have a laugh about sth. It wasn't strictly work during the lesson. The atmoshere was generally pleasant unless there was a kid creating problems in class.