Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aunt Smaroula's Pastitsio


- No 2 pasta for pastitsio

- ½ kg minced meat

- 1 tin tomatoes (1 ½ glass)

- 1 onion

- salt

- pepper

- 300gr yellow cheese

- 2 spoons butter

- 1 egg

- Oil

- Béchamel sauce powder

- Milk


Boil the pasta al dente

Put pasta in a saucepan mix with butter, half of cheese and the egg

For the minced meat:

Grate the onion and put in a large frying pan with salt, pepper, tomato and minced meat. Heat until it boils.

Spread butter all over the baking tin.

Put half of pasta then the minced meat and then the rest of the pasta.

Mix the béchamel sauce powder with milk and pour it on top of the pasta.

Ready for the oven!

When the crust becomes brown, grate cheese on top and let it melt


Anonymous said...

I love Pastitsio can I come for meal? ;-)

neni said...


Θέλω και εγώ!

Anastasia said...

That looks delicious ! Now that I'm a little more into cooking, I'll bookmark the recipe and do it next weekend!